Atmos 2017, update

So they deadline came and passed (luckily, it did get extended), the programme committee discussed and evaluated the submissions, and the results are already here – time flies!

The quality of submissions was outstanding this year, so there will be a novum: Instead of the usual 12 papers, this year’s proceedings will consist of 18 papers. That will also mean that the workshop itself will be longer to accommodate the additional presentation slots. An exciting development for the workshop format.

I was lucky to have both my submission accepted. The first one I already discussed here. It compares the quality of uncertainty sets for robust shortest path problems in a real-world network. The second one presents a new method to find periodic timetables in railway planning, which turned out to be surprisingly effective, beating all the highscores on the PESP library page by quite some margin. As usual, the proceedings will be published open-access and can be found here once they are available.

Sadly, this year’s ALGO in Vienna will be held in parallel with the OR conference in Berlin. Which means that I won’t meet all of you travelling to Berlin, but there is always a next time.