What’s new?

February is nearly over, so let’s have a look what has happened:

  • We sumitted a bid to the SEA2017 conference, titled “A New Perspective on Complexity for Robust Combinatorial Optimization”. Let’s see how it fares, it is a competitive venue. Our basic idea is quite nice, though: Do robust problems really get harder and harder, the more scenarios you add? Spoiler alert: Not quite!
  • I wrote a grant proposal along similar lines, which is all ready for submission. Only some letters of support are still missing before I can send it on its way.
  • The Mitteilungen der DMV is the magazine of the German Mathematical Society. I wrote an article about Brexit and its impact on my academic work, which will be in the next issue.
  • In two weeks I will give a talk at the Midlands OR Society on optimisation methods for evacuation planning.
  • And last but not least, I am now affiliated with the Data Science Institute at Lancaster University!