Brexit and Funding

Now that the UK is on track to leave the EU, academia wonders what happens with current and future EU-funded projects. Of course, nobody knows. The official stance is that we should carry on as normal:

While the UK remains a full member of the European Union we encourage researchers to continue to engage with partners in the EU and with European funding schemes as normal.

The problem is, this statement is full of “whiles” and “no immediates”. And that screaming uncertainty apparently has effects as the guardian reports, though I cannot speak out of first-hand experience.

Fortunately, some hope finally appears on the horizon: An easy and efficient plan to solve any Brexit-related problems at hand.

The wizened dwarf appeared to Theresa May and pledged to spin the room full of straw she inherits into purest gold, which has been praised as the most credible plan thus far presented by Leave campaigners.