RAMOO Workshop

Yesterday surely was emotional. With Brexit looming over us and making quite a bad surprise for breakfast, we still had a most interesting and fruitful workshop on Recent Advances in Multi-Objective Optimisation, which I had the pleasure to help organise.

The connection between robust and multi-objective optimisation was a frequently occurring theme, starting with Gabi Eichfelders keynote on a concept called multi-objective decision uncertainty, and a talk by Corinna Krüger on a similar topic.

My own talk had the rather broad title “Robust and Multiobjective Optimisation: Opportunities and Challenges”. The general theme was to look not only at what robust optimisation can do for multi-objective optimisation, but also at the other way around: How can we use multiobjective optimisation to solve robust problems? What combinations are there between these topics? All slides should be available soon at the conference homepage.

The workshop was the third of its kind, and the series goes on. Most likely, we’ll meet in Germany again next year! All talks were of the highest quality, and all participants were clearly enthusiastic about their research. What an enjoyable day, after all!